The dogs love it here in the woods!

We designed Canine Cabins to make the boarding experience as relaxing as possible for our guests. With only twelve suites we are able to give lots of love and one-on-one attention. We have five acres in the middle of the woods, and the land all around us is owned by the Pennsylvania Conservancy. 

Canine Cabins features spacious suites lined in tile, complete with french doors, ceiling fans, heat and air conditioning and lots of natural light. The suites are 8x8 inside – leaving plenty of room for dogs large and small. Each room comes with an elevated bed inside and out, but you are welcome to bring any blankets or bedding that would make your dog more comfortable. Each suite has a doggie door that leads to an 10x8 patio, accessible all day. We have a 5,000 square foot play area with artificial turf, rocks to climb on, and a pond to splash around in. 

You are welcome to bring any stuffed toys, chew toys, or bones but please do not bring anything that cannot be left with your pet unsupervised. Please label all items with your pet’s name when possible.